Certified Media Erasing Utility

Customers requested it and we delivered. A media erasing utility that generates certificate at the end of the successful session indicating date, location, configuration, and identity of media erased.

Why do you need this? To assist in minimizing risk of accidental exposures and assigning responsibility. Have you ever wondered what happens to all the computer disk and memory sticks your organization goes through? Maybe you send them all to a certified destruction process, but that’s expensive and environmentally unfriendly. And if your vendor isn’t providing you with individually verifiable certificates, you’re not decreasing your risk by using them, and may not be shifting legal responsibility.

Use our tool. It’s easy. It’s verifiable. And you can then sell or donate your computing excess instead of sending it to a landfill.

certerase runs on any current linux platform and licensing is extremely reasonable.

It’s currently available only to existing customers, but will be publicly available very soon. If you’re interested, email sales@ this website to ask how you can obtain a copy for evaluation or immediate use.