Competitive Advantage and Organizational Blinders

One of the most common flaws in organizational efficiency failures is the reliance on root cause low level determination to excuse failures. All failures are management failures. No error should propagate beyond the first level of management control, or the management is the problem. All penalties for failures need to be addressed primarily at the management level or failures will accumulate. Line employees and systems are not the root cause of failure, the management thereof is. An organization that permits management to persist through multiple failures is undermining its own potential. Failure to observe this fundamental truth of systems management means the real cause of systems failures persists and the efficiency of the organization suffers. This does not mean terminating the problem level of management, it means rehabilitating them or increasing their capacity. And, importantly, the failure of the level above to perceive the weakness ahead of time is itself and additional level of the failure in management. This responsibility rolls all the way up to the board in some cases. If your organization is blaming line personnel or vendors for failures, you may want to consider some external management consulting to examine the situation in detail using an independent set of eyes. Or the competition will eventually eat your business.