Complacency Has No Place in Business

As Mercedes has so aptly demonstrated of late, complacency has no place in business and as any business major can recite, is anathema to competitive advantage.

Racing competition mirrors business competition in that way, and all competition opportunities, for that matter. If you want to survive long term you have no choice but to compete at some level.

There are, as Agent Smith said in The Matrix, levels of survival many are willing to accept.

But businesses that become complacent quickly stagnate and in an environment with limited competition (typically due to regulation and licensing requirements) fester and rot, slowly turning into dinosaurs that impede progress.

Businesses that become complacent in a normal competitive environment quickly get eaten by better businesses. This is why big, older, established companies like Microsoft buy up small innovative firms in a story as old as acquisitions and mergers. Consuming the threat to gain their power.

We must shun complacency and emphasize competition if we are to advance smartly into the future. The alternative is a slow decay into something that can be consumed by a better predator. A business with no aggressive plan for the future is waving a white flag and an easy target. The only thing that keeps a company like that afloat is the dearth of available business.

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