Going Green

We are proud to announce a new initiative here at Liticode to help reduce client costs while simultaneously helping to reduce our impact on the environment by drastically reducing travel on engagements.

Engagement travel costs for clients involving flights can be as high as $20,000 just for the travel alone. By deploying technical assets (lightweight computers and storage coupled with cloud resources) we can now be effectively onsite faster, and more reliably, than by putting humans in airplanes.

Furthermore, we will improve response times quality by reducing missed dates. Currently, we miss about 1 engagement annually by as much as 2 days due to travel delays, mainly in winter. Using our new remote capabilities, because of the low costs involved, we can simultaneously ship multiple endpoint units via different carriers and routes, and guarantee onsite presence within any shipping window.

For engagements requiring hands on, in clients where no internal technical resource can be used, we will be engaging with partners in the immediate vicinity to be our hands, and still achieve a 99% reduction in travel costs.

Only in the most severe classified containment matters will we continue to ship personnel to remote sites, but even in those cases, we will be able to ship fewer personnel, and still reduce travel costs.

We are very pleased with the remote operations capabilities we have implemented and hope to use them for all our remote clients moving forward. It also makes our personnel happier, since they get to spend less time on the road, and can perform faster and more efficiently on client engagements. This in turn improves client outcomes and we here at Liticode want the best for our clients.