It’s not often we endorse a product, so this is worth your time. Anti-malware software, anti-virus, whatever the new spin name is for “you clicked something and now you’re in trouble” is a tedious product. None of it, not a single vendor, not even this product, is perfect.

In the course of business here, we install, test, use, and fuss with everything on the market. One product we keep coming back to is Malwarebytes. It’s consistently good. Not perfect, but good.

Recently, it kept one of our computers from picking up something nasty, and I don’t let happenstance good work go unnoticed.  A rebuild of a workstation here costs us a lot of time and money. So this is us thanking Malwarebytes for a job well done. We even purchased additional copies to install on the other Windows systems in the office.

Some security curmudgeons will claim that anti-malware applications are useless, but they’re lying to themselves. We all get surprised by something from time to time, so even if you practice good operational security and don’t click random links, surprises still happen. Like we had last month.

Layered security is not optional, and Malwarebytes is one layer. Something even modestly useful that a professional tells you worked one time is worth it, because JUST ONE TIME is all it takes to ruin your year.

Thanks, Malwarebytes.  If you’re listening, about that CPU hit on initial load…