On the Structured Interdependence of Policy

Corporate documentation is a multifaceted pyramid structure.  It begins with the business plan and statement of purpose.  The departments are chartered to spell out purpose, responsibilities, and control.  The charters are supported in policy.  Policy is frequently interdepartmental in reach.  Nothing is done in a vacuum.  The policies are detailed in procedures, standards, and other documents.

Everything fits into the structure, which makes it strong.  Errors in the documentation expose a company to risk from a variety of sources.  Every action taken by the company should be traceable back to one of the documents.  The documentation exists to protect and guide the actions of the employees.

It shouldn’t just be a bunch of paper in a binder that gets reprinted once a year for auditors.  It shouldn’t be a stick used only to discipline.

If policies aren’t the inspiration for action, they’re in need of overhaul.  You can tell the vitality of a company by its policy manual.  Is yours a lighthouse in the storm, or a pair of handcuffs?