Bsides DE 2012

So, admitting for the nonce that our graphics abilities are limited to ms-paint, we’ll opt not to post any of the action shots until we figure out how to layer xparent gifs onto jpgs.  Hey, we’re an ePreservation and analysis shop, primarily, give us a break.

The show was a kick and we had at least 30 people pop their first lock at the key impressioning rig.  We were lucky enough to get some input from Deviant and now we’ve got a better pathway for key impressioning training which means the contest next year at Hack3rcon & BsidesDE (primary) should be capital.

We did teach impressioning to at least a dozen people, and by teach, we mean convey the rudimentary understanding necessary to achieve complete frustration in 15 minutes on a normal 5 pin lock.  But it’s a start.  Impressioning is *hard*.

There’s no next show for the rig to attend until next year’s Hack3rcon, but if by some miracle we make it into shmoocon as a vendor (our fallback plan for not getting a talk accepted or sponging a ticket) we’ll bring the rig for the table as well as our awesome espresso machine (srsly, shmoogroup, an espresso machine on the vendor floor, what more could you want?

But back to BsidesDE.  Since we were manning the booth, there wasn’t a lot we could see, but there were some cool things going on in the hallway, with discussions on class 3 trusts (something we’ve demonstrated interest in previously) and inheritance, courtroom testimony, fraudsters, and how the hell we were going to get shmoo tickets.

The most exciting part of the show for us was the live auction to benefit Hackers For Charity.  We nicked a pair of coins that escaped our grasp at hcon in October, to the dismay of several.

Backtrack Challenge Coin

NSA Front

Sorry guys, no hard feelings.

What really got the auction wound up was the offer of a shmoocon ticket.  Being rather interested, we jacked up the bidding into insipid zone, and there was nobody else interested at that level.  But this was for HFC, after all, so we sweetened the deal by tossing in a bottle of absynthe owned by @JadedSecurity (we drank the last one, so we owed him one), special absynthe you can’t get in the US, and the price jumped another $100  which made us happy enough to let it go at that price.

Jaded’s bottle will be going to shmoo with or without him, and into the hands of stranger.  Lucky for us we’ve got *another* bottle of even better absynthe to bring for Jaded, provided we get a ticket somehow.


So next BsidesDE will have the new and improved locks rig, with 24 distinct locks of varying difficulty, and we will be a 5 year running sponsor!!!  Speaking of which, AWESOME
, gang! (pic coming)  Thanks for the honor of letting us help sponsor the show.  We’ll try to line up something special contest wise to make it exciting.  Hmm.  How about a forensics challenge AND a locks challenge!  MINIONS!!!  Make it so!

Excellent job, DD and KF, see you next year after the “merger”.  😉

Badges came from @MakeItUrz, and you can see the rest of the con badges here, eventually.