Hack3rcon 3

Hack3rcon 3 was a success, at least as far as we’re concerned.  The lock wall and impressioning contests were a lot of fun and drew quite a bit of traffic.  We’ll definitely be doing that again.  Congratulations to PunkAB for winning the contest, and thanks again to Front Sight for providing prizes.  We can’t wait to get back to both hack3rcon and Front Sight for more valuable training.

The 3 day event was full of great lectures, discussions, and food.  Charleston did not disappoint with a bunch of new or remodeled restaurants.  You’re a cool city, Charleston, stay classy.  Thanks to the 304geeks for awesome support, and IronGeek for his usual outstanding video support.  Full blown corporate sponsorship was a treat, so thanks to all of you, especially

Highlights from the show would have to include rel1c breaking a key in a lock, PunkAB mangling one of the locks, and 40 or so geeks descending on a sports bar.  One of them with a TV remote controller.  We had at least a dozen people pop their first locks, and taught impressioning to a dozen more, and even some bump key theory.  Thanks to DEFCON and Jos Weyers for the inspiration for the contest.  Notably, we finished the weekend with all tools accounted for, proving once again that although hackers engage in the same activities as criminals, they are generally some of the most trustworthy people on the planet.

The party, in case nobody mentions it elsewhere, was fantastic.  When all you need is good friends, the addition of strange new forms of music, pool tables, and good food and drink make it that much more fun.

In addition, Digital Trust would like to thank our supporting partners, BodyTeeze and PostUpStand.

Finally, we promise *promise* to do something technical next year, assuming the world doesn’t end on 12/21.