Disgusting Sales Tactics

We’ve belabored the morality of sales previously, but something has arisen prompting an additional emphasis on slimy sales tactics and the scum that practice such disgusting habits.

It was brought to our attention that one of the top vendors in the forensic market, and we mean top, had contacted non-clients under the guise that they were existing customers in an attempt to upsell them products based on product they didn’t own. This is a tactic used by copier fraudsters and not something that we should see from a respected forensic vendor. It’s disturbing. If you work at one of the top vendors of forensic software, I urge you to contact your sales managers and emphasize to them the moral hazard in such tactics before they attract charges of fraud. If it’s not stopped, and we continue to see it used, we will publish the emails of the scumbags and disclose the company involved. Get your business together, gentlemen, or we will clean it up for you.