Big Brother Will Help You Mail That Package

While trying to find out how much a medium flat rate box would cost to ship earlier today, we spotted a strange item that roused our privacy hackles.  That other users wouldn’t see unless they happened on this site with their flash settings locked down.  It seems the government, in the form of the USPS, in the form of somebody called, wants to TAKE YOUR PICTURE  just to tell you what a flat rate shipment might cost.  Isn’t that interesting?

can i takez u picchur?

Hey, “might” doesn’t mean they actually *want* to take my picture, just some sloppy flash coding, right?


While we don’t have time to ferret out if it’s a goof or who’s responsible, we do find it interesting that in this day and age, anything like this can see the light of day.

The price of freedom may be eternal vigilance, but this impingement on it is free.