Personal Phones Subject to Unconstitutional Search

As with all new technologies, cell phones continue to create ripples in the legal landscape.  Here’s a smattering of information on the subject:

  • A California law is in force by default.  More on the spineless veto by Governor Jerry Brown, with more here.
  • One in Michigan, completely in the realm of Big Brother.
  • And one in Oregon, of all places, usually a bastion of civil liberties.

It is this company’s patriotic opinion (not legal opinion, we are not lawyers) that searching a cell phone without a warrant or probable cause or immanent threat is decidedly unconstitutional.  What next, invasion of our computer via police-state root kits?  Cell phone content is clearly not “in plain sight” given the need for special equipment to turn it into evidence.  Write your legislators and fight for your right to privacy.

Thanks to JohnC for tracking this down.