Google Increases Filtering of Results

In the seemingly endless battle between search engine results and the public, we noticed this morning that queries like “eff company” were returning no results via Google, but lots of nice results via Bing.  Of course, that search string is paraphrased to keep it clean, but you can try your own out and see.  Others have noted Google’s anti-results stance since the days when Mr Long first publicized using search engines to locate cracks in the corporate facade.  Looks like it’s only getting worse.  Who’d have thought that Google, the mighty purveyor of “be good” would decide we can’t handle the results.  Sounds an awful lot like censorship.  Of course, immediately after we ran the Bing, Google started spitting out results.  Odd, that.  No results, competitor, then full results.  Hmm.  That looks like a research opportunity for someone with the time.