Amazon Oops Causes Resend of Orders

We’re not sure how extensive the problem is, in fact, we’re not sure if its extensive at all, since nobody else seems to have seen evidence of it.  We’re not even a news site, so it feels sort of odd to be breaking news, if that’s what this is.  Last week, we had a member report seeing an odd Amazon transaction in their email.  It seemed that Amazon was attempting to bill an order so they could ship it, but were having problems processing it, because the card being billed against has been cancelled.  They wanted a  new card so they could bill the order.  The problem is, this order was sent in back in January, and filled.  The account owner has the products, and all the emails about the order, both times.  So it appears to us that when the cloud busted last week, apparently the restore include some financial transactions.

People might want to check any recent orders with Amazon to make sure they aren’t duplicates.  If this repeat order is a unique event to the affected account, it would be very unusual indeed.

Update 5/2/11 – it now appears, based on conversations with a few more Amazon users that noticed similar goings-on, that Amazon message traffic was replayed, and not the entire transaction.  They got notified their older order items were shipping.  We’ll know more after the shipping delay passes, and if items show up at these people’s houses, we’ll post another update.