Finding Clients/Finding Services

A few practitioners have asked me, and as a former customer I’ve had a similar problem: how do you locate local assets as either customers or practitioners?

Customers are confronted with two problems when looking for security practitioners, who’s in their vicinity, and who’s professional? Most clients only hear about practitioners through advertising, either direct or via some event with speakers. Professional mixers are common, but security people at those events, far less so. In many cases, companies looking for security consultants don’t realize they have one or two really special people in their neighborhoods, because those people are too busy to make the local advertising circuits. And any business person knows that local talent is cheaper than traveling talent. If you can locate good talent.

Practitioners have a similar problem in locating local businesses to work with. How do you find local companies in need of your services?

This is a list of all the ways Digital Trust uses to do both: find clients and find help.

Professional Events, speaking engagements, Small Business Development Centers, Chamber’s local and regional.

Yellow Pages, and online versions, but nothing beats the paper book in our experience.

Zero effort lead generation from job boards. By monitoring resumes and/or job openings, opportunities can be easily located with little effort.

Although it’s harder to located local professionals than for professionals to locate opportunities, both are possible by using these tools. Make a list, process it over time, and you’ll find what you’re looking for in a simple, logical, efficient manner.