Shmoocon 2011

shmoocons impact on our people

We had a great time at Shmoocon , our first, and a special thanks go out from the company to the friend of the show that got us the ticket. Also to all the great folks we met; here’s hoping we get to team with you on some work in the future. The Shmoocon organizers did a spectacular job of design and execution at the con, and the choice of venue was very good.

A special note about some of the worthy causes that Shmoocon (and others) help support, namely Hackers for Charity. H4C is a small, tiny really, group of security people supported by the community that does direct, hands on work with charitable organizations worldwide, and has a boots-on-the-ground mission in Uganda. We won’t detail their work here, you can check the link, but you won’t find a better place to drop some of your corporate dollars. We support them as much as we can, and encourage others to as well. Your money has a direct affect on people’s lives all over the world, and helps improve security for the rest of us.

While we were out of town, our end of things was covered by a special group of good people. If you need security work (and we’re not available, of course) contact the fine folk at and they’ll help you out. They’ve contributed some serious goodness to the field over the years and won’t steer you wrong.

And one final note, to a person who will remain nameless in this blog, because name dropping is not only tacky but selfish, we meant what we said, a lot of what this company and the people in it have become is due in no small part to your efforts. Se we’re making a donation in your name to H4C, because money is more honest than platitudes. Thanks.