Shameless Plugs vs Shameful Plugs

In a conversation on a popular networking site, it was suggested to the membership that a particular vendor selling a (barely) relevant product was a “great deal”. Curiosity piqued, we investigated and quickly found out that not only was it not a great deal, it was also not from a friendly source. The user in question was pitching his own product, something that’s all too common in online threads and forums.

It’s an old trick, from the Snake Oil days or earlier, if you want to sell something, you employ a “shill” to work the audience by asking leading questions or offering testimonial about the products effectiveness. Whether the product is worthwhile or not is immaterial, the fact is you’re being played by a dishonest sales technique.
There has been a flood of get-rich-quick schemes in the past decade, and they are becoming quite sophisticated, whether its junk medicine or hucksters pushing trash at you, its now a big business. The real eels are the ones selling the techniques and books. Greed knows no satiation, so they’re not going to stop anytime soon, and so far, we haven’t made taking advantage of gullible people a crime sort of a true con.
The point of this post is this, just because you hear it in a forum full of trusted individuals doesn’t mean
a) that you can trust the particular individual
b) that the individual is really who you think it is
c) that its factual
Never hesitate to question authority. If they’re genuine, they won’t mind, and if they get angry, you’ll know you’re onto them and can act accordingly.
Too many people are shelling out money without all the facts. Double check the facts. Because once you part with your money, it’s gone forever. And Bob14 on is not the financial wizard he claims to be. Albert9, a guy shamelessly plugging gold coins from owns the site, but failed to let you know that. These clowns troll the Internet at all levels looking for ways to shamefully scam you out of your money. Even warned, it’s sometimes difficult to spot the ruse.
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