Antivirus Standards NOW

For 20 years we’ve had antivirus PC products, and for 20 years we’ve had no standard for comparison. A number of independent labs have tried, but nobody has established a gold standard.

The time for guessing is well past. We need a clinical, scientific gold standard, and we need it now.

The performance criteria can be documented, and the testing suite can be public. A small lab could perform the testing, setting the stage for better PC protection, and honest competition.

A transparent funding model can be used to guarantee honest reporting. AV vendors contribute a flat fee, they get tested. If they don’t contribute, they don’t get tested. This will encourage substandard vendors to either improve and be included, or stop selling AV.

No more wondering if one vendor is better, now you’ll be able to know.

Who out there can establish such a program? Find funding? Generate continuous, consistent results? Anybody?

Digital Trust