Malware Impact Analysis & Response

If your company has experienced a malware incident, whether it was a single computer or an entire network, you need to know the impact and what to do about it.

Liticode looks at the incident in terms of downstream risk and financial impact. We analyze the malware and the incident and provide your company with information you can use to direct additional activities and alleviate risk.

Was it bad malware? How bad? Are you following up with the right mitigation strategy? Should you be doing more? Are you doing too much? Are there compliance implications?

We analyze new cases every week, and we give your company the confidence it needs to get back to business and assure anyone affected, from customers to share holders, that the incident has been fully addressed.

Malware is a problem that shouldn’t linger and affect downstream business. With Liticode impact analysis, your business can be sure you’ve taken the necessary steps.