Communications Counter Intelligence for Executive Phones

Executives travel and discuss business secrets either on the phone or near it.  Even if you’ve taken the precaution of issuing burner phones, these two risks still exist.  And if you do not check the phones for compromise, you cannot be sure you have not suffered a breach in the confidential communication, either directly through the use of a captured communications stream (Stingray etc) or by implanting a device or piece of malware on the phone itself.

Liticode can perform a forensic examination of any phone that has traveled abroad and not been reset to determine if there are any signs of interference.  We compare call station data to identify hostile towers posing as friendly (although nobody can stop the government from accessing a legitimate tower).  We examine the software for anomalies, and we examine the internals for signs of tampering by comparison with known good models.

While no examination can be perfect, generally most industrial espionage is detectable.

If you’re business secrets need to remain secret, then examining phones returning from abroad and periodically examining native phones can help improve your high value target risk profiles, and give you valuable insights into who may be interested.

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