Board of Advisors

In addition to our internal expertise, Liticode has a select list of subject matter experts to ensure we have the right information for our clients. Nobody has access to a knowledge base as broad or as deep to help ensure client outcomes.

Vlad Gotomelsky, general electronics, SCADA, CAN Bus, and physical interface security systems.

Renae Wunder-Martin, specializing in EMR operations.

Monica Wahba, legal system. (Not legal counsel.)

Dr. Michael Frank, future computing technologies and physics of computation.

Eric Cowperthwaite, identity management and dynamic information administration formats.

Boris Sverdlik, secure information archiving, printer security, recruiting, and personnel.

Amanda Berlin, defensive security (blue team).

Joshua Marpet, physical security, security compliance, video surveillance, code reconstruction, and international digital forensics.

Janice Paulson, analytics, statistics, compliance, forensics, and research.

Jessica Burns Swick, marketing practices and intellectual property.

Ed Reagan, business continuity and risk management, owner of Teton Risk Solutions.

Jeremiah Hansen, construction industry and electrical code.

Tarek Marji, financial sector incident response and risk management.

Tom Moore, physical and electronic security and countermeasures.

Chris Blask, entertainment park industry security.

David McCreary, pharmacy technology.

Mark Boltz-Robinson, defensive technology and network forensics.

Michael Farnum, organizational security.  Also founder of HOU.SEC.CON, the Houston security convention.

Stacey Banks, government regulatory compliance, risk assessment, sonic evaluations, and vulnerability testing.

Travis Hartman, DoD and Federal contracting.

Larry Pesce, radio frequency reconnaissance solutions.

The Malware R&D Panel:

Frank Hackett, methods researcher.

Danyelle Davis, malware analysis.

Robert McMahon, malware analysis and social engineering.